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Flemish Government

"Once again you came through for us and delivered your usual excellent, highly professional work. Well done! It's great to…

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European Trade Union Confederation

"ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) has been working with Linguanet for around 17 years in many languages, including Dutch, French,…

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International Organisation

"Thank you for providing such excellent translations of our key documents. Linguanet is our leading translation partner and always supplies…

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"The Flemish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (VCKK) is very pleased with the services provided by Linguanet. Recently, Linguanet rewrote and reworked…

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Radio and Television

"Linguanet sprl in Brussels is an exemplary translation partner. Since 2002 they have provided an excellent translation press selection, summary…

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AGC Flatglass Europe

"We have been working with Linguanet for over 15 years and in many languages, including Dutch, French, German and English.…

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Belgian Prime Minister

"The Prime Minister was very pleased with your work. That's why Linguanet is our number one supplier of translations. When…

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"We have been working with Linguanet for many years and in many languages, including Dutch, French, German and Spanish. We…

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EFFAT Trade Union Organisation

"EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions) has been working with Linguanet for many years in many…

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Insurance Industry Assuralia

"We have been working with Linguanet for 8 years now and they have always provided excellent work. They are reliable,…

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"The EMF (European Metalworkers' Federation) has been working with Linguanet for more than 15 years. Linguanet provides us with translations…

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“Over 50,000 projects completed and 10,000,000 words translated since 1995”


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Linguanet is a close-knit team of like-minded linguists intent on providing translations that are fit for purpose.

We are efficient, fast, flexible, professional and always respect agreed deadlines.

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