"Since 2002, Linguanet sprl in Brussels has been our leading translation partner, providing a daily translation and summary service for Bertelsmann and RTL Group press reviews. During this time they have acquired an awareness of the main issues, technologies and strategies affecting our rapidly changing industry.
The company also provides a reliable, punctual and efficient press scanning service - identifying and monitoring key news items for our group - and, from April 2007 to June 2008, also translated RTL Group's intranet articles.
Linguanet sprl have translated and summarised articles to a consistently high standard over the past six years, and we have enjoyed very good customer service and day-to-day communications from the company.
We are very happy to recommend their services."

Oliver Herrgesell
Executive Vice President
Corporate Communications & Marketing
RTL Group, Luxembourg


"The Prime Minister was very pleased with your work. That's why Linguanet is our number one supplier of translations. When we need high-quality translations, we call Linguanet!"

Koert Debeuf
Office of the Belgian Prime Minister


"Linguanet sprl in Brussels is an exemplary translation partner. Since 2002 they have provided an excellent translation press selection, summary and immediate turnaround translation service outside normal office hours for Bertelsmann’s daily press review as well as on an ad hoc basis whenever required.
Even when working under great pressure, their selection of articles is judicious, their delivery punctual and their quality and output exceptional.
Their summaries invariably catch all the major points in the selected press articles, while their terminology management system guarantees impressively consistent results. Moreover, the wording of their summarised articles is so clear that their texts do not read like translations, and any anomalies or ambiguities in source texts are highlighted, which is very helpful.
The members of the team involved in this ongoing project have all acquired a keen awareness of the key strategic, financial and legal aspects of activities in business domains including television, radio, magazine publishing, book clubs, distance selling, e-business, digital technologies, advertising, printing and public service provision.
The work they have done has also given them a profound insight into the corporate affairs of a large media group, and their day-to-day communications and overall customer service are excellent.
We therefore very strongly recommend their services to anyone and will definitely be passing on their details internally so that other colleagues can benefit from the knowledge and mastery of terminology built over the past 8 years."

Susanne Erdl
Vice President Media Relations
Gütersloh, Germany, May 2010


"We have been working with Linguanet for over 15 years and in many languages, including Dutch, French, German and English. We have always been very pleased with the quality of the work provided and with Linguanet's highly professional and competent approach.
Linguanet is well organised, communicative and supportive. We can always count on them to deliver high-quality translations when we need them.
Linguanet is one of our leading suppliers of translations and we look forward to working with Linguanet for many more years to come."

Sandra Diaz
AGC Flatglass Europe
Brussels, Belgium


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