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Thank you so much for the summary, this is absolutely perfect!!!
Céline, P., Louvain-la-Neuve   12 July 2019
Thank you for the translations and the very useful comments. Sometimes I wonder if you guys shouldn’t be the project managers ...
Jérémy L, Brussels   11 July 2019
We really appreciate your work, thank you!
Alexandra S., Brussels   10 July 2019
J’ai reçu hier des félicitations concernant cette traduction. Je tenais à vous en informer ! Ce n’est que trop rarement que nous recevons du feed-back…
Valerie H., Brussels   09 July 2019
Thank you for this excellent translation.
Paul F., Bern   02 July 2019
You recently translated some documents for us and the feedback on your services was very positive. Now we have some other documents requiring translation from English into Dutch...
Melanie L., London   01 July 2019
J'ai bien reçu la traduction qui m'a entièrement satisfait et j'ai particulièrement apprécié les efforts que vous avez mis à standardiser les différents systèmes de référence.
Perrine H, Bruxelles   19 June 2019
The translation was excellent and well-researched. The translator had clearly looked at the wording of the Swiss VAT Act and used this effectively in the translation.
Alexandra P., Bern   19 June 2019
Thank you for this excellent translation. I made only one small change which is not even worth mentioning to the translator.
Paul F., Bern   11 June 2019
Un grand merci pour la livraison express. ...
Many thanks again on behalf of our client for your quick & professional service.
Thomas S., Brussels   22 May 2019
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