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Received – big thank you!
I.O., Luxembourg   12 January 2017
Thank you for your diligent work!
D.D.M., Luxembourg   11 January 2017
Thanks for your feedback, we completely agree with your comments.
A.L., Brussels   22 December 2016
I have really appreciated your work. I am very happy about that!
S.V., Naples   22 December 2016
Dich für dieses Projekt gefunden zu haben, empfinde ich als absoluten Glücksfall. Gratulation zur Übersetzung !
E.E., Sankt Augustin   16 December 2016
Excellent translation!
P.F., Bern   16 December 2016
Ok texte tres bien traduit!.
D.J., Brussels   15 December 2016
Thank you very much for this translation, which was as usual very good and very quick!
A.M., Bern   08 December 2016
Insgesamt: Herzlichen Dank für eine im Ton, Duktus und Wortwahl sehr angemessene und passende Übersetzung !!!
B.S., Bonn   05 December 2016
Thank you very much for this excellent translation. I made no changes!
A.M., Bern   30 November 2016
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