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Thank you very much for delivering even earlier than expected :)
Date of Posting Posted By Jérémy L., Brussels   20 February 2018
Thank you for the clear translation and respecting the deadline. Good job!
Date of Posting Posted By Erwin Van G., Brussels   20 February 2018
Merci pour la traduction et pour la correction pertinente !
Date of Posting Posted By Elisabeth H., Gosselies   15 February 2018
Après première lecture, notamment au Mexique, cela parait bien. Bonne prestation !
Date of Posting Posted By Andreas L, Paris   14 February 2018
Thanks again for your contribution to our successful multi-lingual dissemination of the executive summary [and] for your hard work and expertise!
Date of Posting Posted By Marc De F., Brussels   24 January 2018
I think you did a great job here. You nailed all the passage lacking coherence!
Date of Posting Posted By Julien S., Brussels   19 January 2018
I have received the translation, thanks for that. It’s a good translation, along the lines we discussed.
Date of Posting Posted By Federico R., Brussels   17 January 2018
De vertalingen die je gemaakt zijn goedgekeurd.
Mijn klant is tevreden over de vertalingen, er zijn geen correcties.
Date of Posting Posted By Greta C., Deinze   09 January 2018
Je vous remercie infiniment pour votre réactivité.
Date of Posting Posted By Sandrine B., Paris   15 December 2017
Bien reçu, merci pour votre rapidité :)
Date of Posting Posted By Camille F., Paris   14 December 2017
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