"The EMF (European Metalworkers' Federation) has been working with Linguanet for more than 15 years. Linguanet provides us with translations into and from many languages, including Dutch, French, German and English.
Linguanet is a highly professional company: we are very satisfied with the quality of the delivered translations and they meet our deadlines. We appreciate working with Linguanet's staff, who are very competent and quick to reply to our queries.
In fact, Linguanet goes out of its way to help us meet urgent deadlines whenever they arise.
Linguanet is one of our leading translation partners and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

Peter Scherrer
EMF General Secretary


"EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions) has been working with Linguanet for many years in many languages, including Dutch, French, German and English.
We consider Linguanet to be our leading translation partner and we always call on them first when we require high-quality translations.
Linguanet's professional staff go out of their way to deliver the translation work we need, when we need it. Not only do they provide translation, but they also provide advice on improving our source texts to give us the best chance of getting our message across.
Linguanet always meets our deadlines and we plan to continue to work with Linguanet for many years to come."

Harald Wiedenhofer
EFFAT General Secretary


"We have been working with Linguanet for 8 years now and they have always provided excellent work. They are reliable, professional and conscientious. Linguanet is our number one supplier of English translations! Keep up the good work!"

Herman Vermeyen
Head Translation Department, Assuralia
Brussels, Belgium


"Once again you came through for us and delivered your usual excellent, highly professional work. Well done! It's great to know that when we give you an important job (and of course, they are all important!), we can rest assured that you will deliver a top-quality product and will do so on time, every time. That's why Linguanet is our number one supplier of English translations."

Rudy Aernoudt
Kabinet van de Viceminister-president en Vlaams minister van Economie,
Ondernemen, Wetenschap, Innovatie en Buitenlandse Handel"


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