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Many customers are unaware that their input upstream of the translation process can significantly improve the chances of receiving excellent translations.

This, ideally, is what we need to know before starting work.

Was the source text written by a native speaker? If not, what is the author's mother tongue?


Has the text been checked internally for potential problems or misunderstandings and approved for translation?


Does the source text need to be revised (by a native speaker who is also a language professional) before being translated?


Who is the target audience? (e.g. native speakers of the target language or non-native speakers or a mixture of both; specialists; internal staff; activists; sceptics; the media; EU institutions; the general public; anyone)


What is the purpose of the text? (e.g. to convince, to inform, to warn, to complain, to advertise, etc.)


Is the text for publication? If so, where (online, on paper) and in what format (brochure, newsletter, poster, etc.?



Which variant of the target language do you need, if applicable (e.g. UK or US English; Flemish or Dutch, etc.)?




What briefing, relevant background information, documentation, links or terminology can you give the translators to help them produce a text that is more fit for purpose?




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