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LINGUANET's philosophy and day-to-day approach are based on a few simple principles geared towards producing content that enhances your image and is truly fit for purpose, while guaranteeing a consistent, responsive, flexible service that delivers great value for money.

These are our guiding principles:

"Language services can and should not only deliver, but also add, value".
The quality of an organisation's content helps to determine its perceived image. The language services we provide always aim to optimise that image, and we always provide feedback on content that could usefully be applied across all language versions.

"Communication rather than expectation".
Translators and copywriters are not mind-readers, but are sometimes expected to deliver excellence without a proper briefing. The perceived quality of their results will depend directly on the quality of the instructions, input and documentation they receive. So we actively request such information and then act on it, making sure that our freelance associates do likewise.

"We're only as good as our last translation".
This, our unofficial company motto reminds us to always do our very best and never rest on our laurels. This approach demands maximum focus and effort for any assignment, however small or familiar. Experience and expertise alone are not enough. They need to be actively and creatively exploited – and systematically applied – every time. Naturally, the same sentiment applies to all the other services we offer, too, not just to translation.

"There is (almost) always a better solution".
Finding one possible wording is not enough. We always consider a number of possibilities and opt for what we feel to be the best solution, taking account not only of the context, the required style and register, but also of the target audience, the type and purpose of the text, your brand image and your organisation's mission and message.

About Linguanet

Linguanet is a close-knit team of like-minded linguists intent on providing translations that are fit for purpose.

We are efficient, fast, flexible, professional and always respect agreed deadlines.

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