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Wow, many thanks for the early delivery!! Thanks also for all your hard work translating the reports! ?
Date of Posting Thomas S., Brussels   18 April 2019
It is an excellent translation, thanks a lot !
Date of Posting Alexandra S., Brussels   16 April 2019
I asked my client to check your comments. They were very useful!
Date of Posting Christel S., Brussels   16 April 2019
Wonderful! What Efficiency! Thank you so much.
Date of Posting Anna L., Stockholm   10 April 2019
All of you did a great job, thank you very much for the detailed comments!
Date of Posting Alexandra S., Brussels   08 April 2019
La traduction est très bonne. ... et vos remarques étaient utiles.
Date of Posting Perrine H., Brussels   04 April 2019
Merci pour la traduction rapide !
Date of Posting Eric C., Bruxelles   19 March 2019
What a first-class service! Much appreciated!
Date of Posting Dirk S., Brussels   11 March 2019
Thank you for the translation, we were very pleased with the high quality, as usual.
Date of Posting Bert P., Brussels   11 March 2019
Thank for your super quick translation!
Date of Posting Adrienne N., Luxembourg   01 February 2019
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