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Merci beaucoup pour ton apport, c’est très appréciable.
Date of Posting Laurie B., Louvain-la-Neuve   05 December 2019
Merci pour la livraison rapide de cette traduction.
Date of Posting Justine Vanden B, Brussels   03 December 2019
Thank you very much for your excellent work.
Date of Posting Bernd S., Brussels   27 November 2019
The author asks me to tell you that you really did an extremely good job, he is perfectly satisfied with your translation!
Date of Posting Alexandra S., Brussels   18 November 2019
Merci pour la traduction et la rapidité :)
Date of Posting Eric C., Bruxelles   15 November 2019
I want to thank you all for the past three years of collaboration with our service: you’ve been true life-savers on many occasions!
Date of Posting Thomas S., Brussels   13 November 2019
Très beau travail, merci !
Date of Posting André V., Brussels   12 November 2019
Un grand merci pour votre rapidité.
Date of Posting Iadine, D., Brussels   08 November 2019
Thank you very much for your excellent work
Date of Posting Julia K., Brussels   08 November 2019
Thank you for this excellent translation!
Date of Posting Paul F., Bern   07 November 2019
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