Money is always in short supply, and although all translations are equal, some are definitely more equal than others and your organisation is unlikely to be best served by buying the cheapest translations available. Indeed, translation is a worthwhile investment, not a 'necessary evil' deserving the least possible expense, because it provides your organisation with an opportunity to show, through masterful use of language, just how efficient, customer-oriented, tightly organised, professional and internationally minded it is.

There are many ways to cut your translation costs, and we genuinely have your interests at heart. So here are a few suggestions to click and explore.

Get a FREE translation!

Get a volume discount

Don't pay for what you don't need…or want

Have fewer texts translated

Produce shorter texts for translation

Translate texts into fewer languages

Opt for summaries instead of full translations

Offer your readers translations on demand instead of translating everything all the time

Make sure you aren't overpaying!

Make sure that the prices you're charged are transparent

Manage translations more effectively



However, a very important part of the process occurs upstream of the translation request, within your organisation. In fact you may be surprised to learn that what your organisation does (or does not do!) can directly and substantially affect the actual or perceived quality of the outcome. In other words, a great deal of time and money can be saved by producing source texts conducive to the production of translations that are truly fit for purpose.


Here are our 5 top tips:

  1. Make sure that all authors are trained writers.
  2. Make sure that all source texts are written in the author's native language.
  3. Make sure that authors are aware of the level of knowledge and likely language skills of their target audience.
  4. Make sure that authors pass on any information that may be of use to translators.
  5. Make sure that your supplier is fully briefed on your requirements and expectations.



Being specific can save you a lot of disappointment, hassle, time and money!

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